Perfect Litter™ To Be Featured on CBS’s Doctors Show

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New York, NY – May 1, 2015 –Did you know as many as 5% of cats will suffer from a urinary tract infection (UTI) at some point during their lifetime? Cats are good at concealing their pain and suffer in silence from potentially deadly UTI’s or FLUTD (Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disorders). Perfect Litter™ is the first ever 100% natural cat litter that allows you to virtually monitor the health of your feline friend, 24×7. This product has had much success over the years, winning four prestigious awards for excellence and innovation. Perfect Littler™ is excited to share their success on the May 8th Deal Segment of the Doctors Show on CBS!

The Doctors Show airs Monday through Friday at 9:00 am on CBS. This talk show features a team of physicians who discuss topics such as general health, fitness, and well-being. The doctors recommend health-related products to their viewers. On the May 8th Doctors show, for the first time the Doctors will discuss pet health, featuring some of the most innovative pet products on the market that address feline/canine health issues. Perfect Litter was selected by the producers and will be featured as a compelling alternative to clay and other alternative cat litters. Learn more about the Doctors Show at and the Deal Segment at

Unfortunately, pets are unable to tell us when something is wrong with their health. As a pet owner, it’s important to stay up-to-date on common health issues and learn how to identify signs and symptoms. It’s also crucial to prevent common health conditions from becoming a serious illness.

Perfect Litter is composed of naturally occurring minerals that present a vastly superior alternative to traditional clay-based litter. On a side-by-side comparison to clay litter and the most popular alternative cat litters, Perfect Litter is superior in the attributes most important to cat owners: ease of use, light weight, odor control, accessibility and wellness monitoring.

The patented litter color-changing property is an early-warning indicator of FLUTD (Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disorder). FLUTD is the most common feline urinary tract problem, accounting for 50-70% of all cases. While the condition can be seen in cats of any age, it is most frequently seen in middle-aged, over-weight cats that get little exercise, use an indoor litter box, have restricted access outside, and eat a dry diet. Perfect Litter’s “alert” is the only litter to offer early warning for FLUTD.

About Pet Healthy Holdings, LLC: Pet Healthy Holdings, LLC. Is the company behind the Perfect Litter™, as well as several other proprietary consumable products within a nine (9) product Pet Healthy Family™, each addressing pet healthy, planet safety and customer ease of use. We have developed, manufacture and distribute these award-winning products from our facility in Dallas, Texas, to customers around the world. Three members of Pet Healthy Family™, K-9 Fat Free Dog Treats™, Kitty Kaviar™ and Perfect Litter™, are consumed daily by tens of thousands pet parents throughout every state and territory of the U.S.Learn more at: .

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