Pet Healthy Family™ Welcomes Woof Gang Bakery

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Dallas, Texas

Pet Healthy Holdings, LLC. a Dallas, Texas based manufacturer of consumable pet products marketed under its Pet Healthy Family™ brand, is pleased to welcome Woof Gang Bakery stores as a new customer.

“We are excited about adding the Pet Healthy Family premium product line. With our ongoing commitment to offer pet-healthy consumable products, particularly treats and cat litter, at a great value to our customers, it made our decision a no-brainer, said Samantha Cohen, Vendor Relations Manager and Corporate Buyer for Woof Gang Bakery, Inc.

The Pet Healthy Family of consumable products for dogs and cats has expanded from two (2) products in October of 2013 to over ten (10) products and 31 SKUs through June of 2017. Each product marketed under the PHF brand is unique within its product space.

“The addition of Woof Gang Bakery stores to our domestic customer list in 2017 is a great step for us in ultimately attaining ubiquitous distribution of Pet Healthy Family products throughout North America by 2019”, said Paul Lien, President/CEO of Pet Healthy Holdings, LLC. “Woof Gang Bakery’s commitment to pet health mirrors our primary objective in every product we develop and bring to market.”

About Woof Gang Bakery
Woof Gang Bakery, Inc. is a leading specialty retailer of pet food, pet related supplies and pet grooming with over 80 locations across the U.S.

Woof Gang Bakery offers the very best in pet care by providing quality products at competitive prices and knowledgeable, caring customer service. Each Woof Gang Bakery location is a convenient neighborhood store with connections to the local community. The company is committed to the well-being, health and happiness of pets.

In 2016, Woof Gang Bakery received the Retailer of the Year Franchise Award from Pet Product News, the Multi-Service Excellence Award from Pet Business Media and was ranked among the nation’s top retailers by Pet Business Magazine. Recently, the company also ws named best overall multi-unit retailer by Pet Business Media and recognized by Pet Insight magazine as one of the nation’s fastest growing pet chains.

About Pet Healthy Holdings, LLC.
Pet Healthy Holdings, LLC is a 4-year old Dallas based manufacturer of premium canine and feline pet products which address pet health, a safe environment, ease of use and superior consumer value.

The company’s rapid growth in the U.S. and soon, throughout Canada, is attributable to its award- winning cat litter, Perfect Litter™, extraordinary palatability and nutritional value of its canine and feline treats, one of which, Kitty Kaviar™, has been a leading cat treat for over 22 years; and its introduction of the leading pet waste odor eliminator, NadaScent™.