K9 Fat Free Treats™

A delicious, healthy treat that receives rave reviews from dogs and their owners: 95% Dog Owner 5-Star (highest) Reviews (


  • Totally Fat free: the only dog treat of its kind in the market.
  • 2 Calories per treat.
  • Hip and Joint K9  treats are made with glucosamine and chondroitin to support your dog’s health.
  • Cholesterol & Sodium free. Dogs of all sizes love the taste; and really love the crunch.
  • Available in .25 oz. Beef Flavor.
  • Buy Me, Try Me .25 oz. (Beef Flavor) 4 oz. & 10 oz., Beef, Chicken, and Hip & Joint (Hip & Joint comes in chicken flavor only)


  • Dental health and fresh breath.
  • Delicious weight-control and effective training treat.
  • Crunchy texture and meaty taste that dogs love, without all the fat and empty calories.