Nada Scent Naturals Odor Eliminator™

  • Pet generated odor, almost all of which is caused by bacteria, is a nuisance for all pet owners.
  • Until now, pet odor products contained potentially harmful chemicals and enzymes and provide temporary odor reduction.
  • #1 pet odor eliminator in Europe is now available in U.S.


  • Highly concentrated microorganisms attack and consume the food source of the “bad” bacteria causing litter box malodor.
  • Easy to apply.
  • GREAT VALUE: 2-3 sprays in litter box lasts several days.
  • Solutions for all pet odor issues, inside the litter box, or any area of the home.


  • Safe if consumed by pets, children, or adults.
  • Long lasting: 2-3 sprays in litter box or on recently deposited urine anywhere can last several days.
  • Non-toxic, organic, biodegradable.