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As our name -- Pet Healthy Brands -- implies, we are dedicated to producing the finest and healthiest, all natural, pet treats, and cat litter. Our goal is to make Pet Healthy Brands synonymous with innovative products that help monitor the health and well-being of our pets.

Our Perfect Litter, is the lightest cat litter, with superior clumping capability, on the market -- our 4-pound bag is a month's supply versus a 28-pound bag of clay litter. Incorporating our Nada-Scent additive which eliminates urine odors, it's the perfect litter for all indoor cats. In addition, our patented Wellness Indicator can be a life saver -- if the cat's urine turns the litter red, it indicates a high pH in the urine and the probability your cat may have an infection and should be diagnosed by a vet.

We have designed all of our consumable pet treats to provide irresistible taste and lean, low fat options to address the growing pet obesity epidemic.

Kitty Kaviar is the original, 100% pure, premium grade, shaved Bonito Fish cat treat. It tastes great, and is a healthy reward which is an excellent source of Taurine and Omega 3 Fatty Acids. Cats really go bonkers for it -- healthy cat, happy owner!

Kitty Krak is a pelletized version of Kitty Kaviar, made from the same high-quality Bonito Fish. For dogs, we offer K-9 Fat Free Treats. Made with all natural, low calorie ingredients, these delicious morsels come in three flavors -- Beef, Chicken, and Hip & Joint. Older dogs especially benefit from the Hip & Joint variety which contains Glucosamine and Chondroitin, while it addresses the aches and pains of our aging furry friends. Dogs love Bonito Fish too, so we offer K-9 Krak in jerky form made from the same high quality, all natural dried fish as Kitty Krak.

We also produce an all-natural odor eliminator -- Nada Scent in easy to use spray bottles. Composed of organic microbes designed to attack the foul-smelling bacteria causing the ammonia odors in cat and dog urine, Nada Scent is perfect for litter boxes or kennels.

Finally, rounding out our Pet Healthy product line, is ApPETizer, made from 100%, all natural Bonito Fish flakes. ApPETizer is the perfect solution for dogs or cats who have lost their appetites, and need a little encouragement to eat their dinner. This is a sprinkle-on healthy food enhancer which will stimulate your pet's desire to dine.

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